About Us

Archivo Cero Traducciones is a boutique firm gathering both the tradition of word and innovation. Our company grows at a human level, focusing on the pleasure we find in our work and our professional relationship with clients, collaborators and external suppliers.

We offer linguistic solutions (translation, interpreting, website and software localization, etc.) to local companies since 1992 and to foreign companies since 2001, providing a quick and effective response. Our firm takes pride in pioneering a quality control process that we implement in all of our projects.

Some companies that trust us are: ICBC, Thomson Reuters (Argentina, Brasil, Europa), Mind Gym Singapur, Vossloh, Makler, Nutreov, Noreva, Baliarda, Alstom, Cámara de Comercio Franco Argentina, Novartis, Liceo Franco Argentino Jean Mermoz, Hoteles Accor, Museo de Arte Hispanoamericano Isaac Fernández Blanco, Fundación Telefónica, BNP Paribas, INTI, PST Electrónica, UNTREF, Interop, Klaukol, Lazar, Fundación Interamericana del Corazón, Laboratorio Lagos, Kontrol, Embajada de Sudafrica, RV Branding, Onix.

Linguistic Solutions

Our working languages are Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and Traditional Chinese.


Scientific: patents, pharmaceutical presentations, manuals, dossiers, papers, research articles, prescriptions, consent forms, medical records and other writings of interest to the international scientific community.

Technical: IT, environment, other industries, cuisine.

Sworn and Legal: personal documents, wills, contracts and agreements, public deeds, bylaws and minutes of meetings, court decisions, letters rogatory, powers of attorney, patents, letters of credit, financial statements, balance sheets.

Localization: software and websites

Transcreation: It consists in adapting a copy from one language to another, such copy often being plenty of cultural connotations.


Conferences, talks, guided tours, business meetings.

Terminology Databases
Management of corporate databases to achieve consistency in the translations handled across all areas within a company.


We transform audio and visual material into clear and understandable text.


Proofreading and editing of all types of text.